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The Village Quarter Summer Priority List

The Village Quarter has a priority list for anyone looking to rent an apartment during the months of May-September. If you are interested in renting during this time period we highly recommend submitting an application to place yourself on our priority list. If you don’t go on the priority list the chances of us having something available during this time period is not as likely.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Our Priority List

How do I place myself on the priority list?

To go on the priority list you would need to fill out the “Application to Rent”, which can be printed out from our website . Each person over the age of 18 that will be residing in the apartment must fill out a separate application.

Does it cost any money to go on the priority list?

The application fee is $30.00 per person over the age of 18. We do require you to pay the application fee in order to place your name on the priority list.

If I go on the priority list does that mean you WILL have an apartment for me?

In years past, we have always been able to accommodate everyone on our priority list. While the chances are very likely that we would have an apartment for you, we can never 100% guarantee anything.

When will you call to assign me an apartment?

Typically we contact you 5-8 weeks before your move in to assign you an apartment address. Sometimes we are able to assign apartment addresses earlier than this if we get more advance move out notice than what we require. At the time that we contact you, you need to be prepared to the security deposit to hold the apartment.

Do I need a Co-Signer?

Anyone who is a full time student will need someone to co-sign for them. A co-signer is someone with sufficient and verifiable income. They must fill out the “Co-Signer Application to Rent” with their information. We must have the Co-Signer Application to place you on the priority list. Co-Signer application fees are $15.00 and are due in order to be placed on the priority list.

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